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Webcast | Black Sun x TWC Present: The Importance of Communicating: Stakeholder Engagement In Turbulent Times

Stakeholder Engagement is the strategic process of consulting with key stakeholders on matters important to them and the company. With hot button issues such as corruption and responsible capitalism dominating the global business and political agenda in recent years, the regulatory landscape surrounding corporate governance has seen visible changes, with a growing emphasis on the importance of stakeholder relationships and engagement.

This month’s webinar will help participants understand the importance of stakeholder engagement and its crucial role in building corporate trust. Following the 3C Framework – Consult, Commit and Communicate, participants will learn how to effectively employ tailored strategies to consult with their stakeholders, commit and craft holistic engagement strategies and finally, communicate their engagement efforts through a variety of communication channels to reap maximum benefits.

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“The Importance of”  is a series of talks designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding on how to effectively define and communicate their organisation’s culture and structure to stakeholders. Over this year’s sessions, we will be covering:

• Corporate Culture
• Business Model
• Sustainability Framework
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Risk Management
• Long term Value Creation
• Tone at the Top
• Purpose

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May 14 2020


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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