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Webcast | Black Sun x TWC Present: The Importance of Communicating your Corporate Culture In Turbulent Times

The inaugural session of a series of business talks brought to you in partnership with our newest enterprise member, Black Sun. To kick off the series, Black Sun’s Corporate Culture Reporting Practice Leader (Asia Pacific), Uantchern Loh will be tackling the popular topic of Corporate Culture.

The global business landscape has been plagued with news of corporate failures, with major companies embroiled in public scandals. Many of these cases, including Wells Fargo, VW and BP, are driven by poor governance and an unhealthy corporate culture.

The focus on culture is now a growing priority and the words of business guru Peter Drucker resonate in boardrooms across the world: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. With heightening regulatory accountability and stakeholder scrutiny, companies are now being encouraged to establish and report on their corporate culture.

The objective of this talk is to help participants understand the importance of corporate culture and how it has become a critical component of trust. Participants will learn how to develop, roll out, embed, measure and communicate corporate culture. Additionally, the talk will also cover the timely topic of how organisations can best navigate corporate culture communications during uncertain times.

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“The Importance of”  is a series of talks designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding on how to effectively define and communicate their organisation’s culture and structure to stakeholders. Over this year’s sessions, we will be covering:

• Corporate Culture
• Business Model
• Sustainability Framework
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Risk Management
• Long term Value Creation
• Tone at the Top
• Purpose

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Apr 02 2020


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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