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Webcast | Black Sun x TWC Present: The Importance of Communicating Your: Sustainability Framework In Turbulent Times

ESG, UN SDG, TCFD, GRI, EESG and SASB – When it comes to talking about sustainability, it’s easy to get lost in the alphabet soup of acronyms. However, sustainability is more than just acronyms (or recycling), it’s the fundamental mindset of understanding and acting upon the matters that are important to the company and its stakeholders. Tune in to Black Sun’s final edition of the TRUST webinar series as we explore how a sustainability framework connects and ensures a sustainable and prosperous corporate ecosystem. With guest speakers from Singapore Exchange and Black Sun UK, this is a session not to be missed.

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• Understanding what a sustainability framework looks like
• Who should own the sustainability framework?
• What are the best practices in communicating your sustainability framework?

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“The Importance of”  is a series of talks designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding on how to effectively define and communicate their organisation’s culture and structure to stakeholders. Over this year’s sessions, we will be covering:

• Corporate Culture
• Business Model
• Sustainability Framework
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Risk Management
• Long term Value Creation
• Tone at the Top
• Purpose

The event is finished.


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