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Fintech Week Promotions

To celebrate a successful Fintech Week at The Working Capitol, we’re offering some great deals to join our Fintech Hub and get your own space fitted out to do your best work.

Special Early Bird Offer

Reserve your private office now & get 15% off your custom fit-out and ergonomic furniture

◆ Private Shophouse Office for your team
◆ 10 - 80pax spaces
◆ Keong Saik Neighbourhood location with access to Campus hub & Members perks
◆ Split team arrangements available with flexible expansion plans

Offer valid until 28 Feb

Home Office Promos

We've teamed up with Ecopex to make your flexible working arrangements work even better for you

Agile Slim-Packs - Up to 35% off

◆ Ergonomic workstation & conference speaker bundles that fit easily into your bag. Do your best work anywhere without compromising on your health and comfort.

WFH Sets - Up to 40% off

◆ Featuring HÅG chairs by Flokk and Ecopex rC10 tables, this market-leading ergonomic WFH set-up is designed to encourage natural upright posture and effortless movement.

Chairs - Up to 20% off

◆ A good chair makes all the difference. HÅG chairs are designed to help you stay healthier, more active, and alert throughout your work day.

Email [email protected] and quote #twcsff-eco to enjoy these special Fintech Week discounts.

Offer valid until 15 Dec