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Introducing our
Pause.Plan.Pivot Partners

Covid-19 may have introduced us to a new reality but we're determined to bounce back stronger and we want to do it as a community. During these hectic times, we've found the following phases to be helpful in keeping us aligned and hopeful: Pause. Plan. Pivot. We've put together a toolkit of partnerships to address these steps and support our community through whichever processes they are embarking on.

Natasha Parekh

Natasha Parekh Offers:

● 50% discount for TWC members. Book your first session at $75, or a package of 3 for $210. (U.P: $150 per 75-minute session)

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Natasha Parekh

Recharge and Refocus: 1:1 coaching sessions to stay motivated and adapt to our new normal

Natasha Parekh, a leadership coach, helps people navigate personal challenges and make empowered choices – even in difficult situations. She partners with individuals to raise the bar and focus on what matters most. What do you need to be at your best – and what’s getting in the way?

● Build resilient practices to manage stress.
● Improve your personal energy levels and motivation.
● Develop personalised action plans to achieve your goals.
● Prioritize your time effectively.
● Create balance in your work and personal life.
● Connect with your big picture – and what drives you.


Manage and improve cashflow with Spenmo, the smart corporate card for business owners

Expense reports, shared company cards and paper receipts belong in a museum. Spenmo empowers every business owner to have complete control & real-time visibility over their finances. And if you need more finances, get approved instantly for a credit line with Spenmo.

● Pre-approve employee spending with defined spending policies.
● Track 100% of company spending as and when it happens.
● Save countless hours of admin as your company grows.
● Get approved for up to $100k in credit if you need more cash flow.


spenmo Offers:

● 3 months free trial
● Teams of 5 of less get free subscription (lifetime)
● 25% off lifetime subscription fee for TWC members

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real inbound consultants

Real Inbound Consultants Offers:

● 15% off project upfront fees

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real inbound consultants

Take the guesswork out of accessing grants and managing strategic projects

Real Inbound is a certified consultant that helps SMEs with grant-supportable projects. They specialize in securing grants for and facilitating SMEs' projects in:

● Technology implementation & digitization
● Overseas Expansion
● Developing new products & innovations
● Funding for new hires

Start a conversation with them today to find out how to best utilise newly enhanced grant support to future-proof your business.


Eliminate barriers associated with online selling and offline payment collection and diversify your sales channels with Hitpay

HitPay is a one-stop, secure payments platform for omnichannel businesses. Use their online payment gateway tools to open up new sales channels and digitalise your business.

● The only payment provider in Singapore to support secure PayNow acceptance on Shopify, WooCommerce and Xero
● Easily collect payments across PayNow, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChatPay and AliPay
● HitPay's payment gateway plugins are supported by Shopify, WooCommerce and Xero


Hitpay Offers:

● 10% discount on domestic Visa/Mastercard transaction rates

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Realign Offers:

● Free 1st trial session
● Additional 1-month free for coaching sign-ups
● Free live guided breathwork session for every month of coaching signed up for

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Life design through a balanced mind - Re-discover focus and fulfilment in your personal and professional life

Richard Ayling, a coach, author and global voice for a depth of connection and self-discovery guides you through the transformational process of re-aligning. Find balance and clarity in your offer, personal brand, or the next step in your life, and learn how to take inspired action to move beyond stress into a state of more meaning and impact.

● Determine a personal vision and clarity of purpose
● Realise and live your authentic message as an entrepreneur
● Overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt to achieve your goals
● Cultivate balance and time to remove stress & overwhelm
● Shape a values-based mindset and community
● Develop emotional intelligence and improve relationships

Perfect for entrepreneurs, managers and those looking to start or transition your professional and personal trajectory.

anne caron consulting

Find out how to develop a strong people-centric strategy for your organisation.

Anne Caron is an Ex-Google HR executive providing consulting on HR and Organisational Development. She has over 15 years working experience and worked with clients like Go-Jek, Zilingo, Grain, GorillaSpace, etc. Gain insight on how to take control of your people strategy through these programmes:

● Founder Advisory Support (incl. crisis management, employee relations, culture)
● HR Mentoring Programme (incl. employee satisfaction, employer branding, HR policies and processes)
● Manager Training

anne caron

Anne Caron Consulting Offers:

● 10% discount on consulting assignments

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