(dedicated desk membership)
Create your ideal work environment at one of our dedicated desks, storage space included.

Fixed desks with storage space

Our Workdesks allow you to come back to your ideal work environment, day after day. Using the generous storage cabinets, shelving, and lamps as a start, you can add the elements that will turn your desk into a platform for the best work of your life.

Access to all coworking and common areas



Starting at S$ 729*/month

what's included

Unlimited access 24/7
Access to Workspots (hot desking)
Complimentary meeting room credits
Access to unlimited WiFi, pantry & other amenities
Member rates for events
Lockable storage cabinets
Business address included
25% discount on event spaces
Enjoy a range of partner benefits across 6 categories

$729 /month - 12-month contract
$802 /month - 6-month contract
$875 /month - monthly contract

* For 12 month contract

“I've really enjoyed my time at The Working Capitol, from the friendly and helpful staff to the fun neighbourhood. It's been a pleasure. The Workdesk has been perfect to have a home base in the city and a quiet space of my own to work. Thanks, TWC!”
- Charlton Lawson, Business Development, APAC, Contagious
“The Working Capitol is the perfect cure against the loneliness of the home office and provides a wonderful experience. At TWC, I have found great people and events for socialising, and have met business collaborators and friends along the way. Flexible and fun, I would recommend any company come set up their business at TWC.”
- Johan Dettinger, Sales Manager, APAC, Air Flow