Casual or collaborative, quiet or filled with buzz: Take a seat in the working environment that suits you best.

Choose Your Working Environment

Find a seat in a sun-lit corner or choose to work next to your teammates. Our Part-Time and Unlimited Workspot options offer access to space throughout The Working Capitol, and put you right where you need to be for the project at hand.

Casual, Collaborative, Quiet, or Buzzing

Unlimited plan


Starting at S$ 425*/month

what's included

Unlimited access 24/7
Member rates for events
Full member benefits

$455 / mo - 6 month contract
$500 / mo - monthly contract

Part-Time plan


Starting at S$ 255*/month

what's included

Includes 10 Days / Month access
Accessible 24 / 7
Member rates for events
Full member benefits

$270 / mo - 6 month contract
$300 / mo - monthly contract

Daily plan


Starting at S$ 38/day

what's included

M-F, from 9am to 6pm

* For 12 month contract

“We love The Working Capitol for its friendly vibe and the flexibility it gives us to grow. Workspots, with their natural light and changing neighbours, are our favoured spot. We like sharing our working-day with the interesting and varied entrepreneurs that call The Working Capitol home."”
- Isadora Noble, Co-founder,
“Having a space where you feel comfortable working long hours on a day-to-day basis is very important. The Workspot membership perfectly suits my needs as it allows me to work out of different areas, which is great for productivity and creative thinking.”
- Aditya Haripurkar, Founder, HitPay
“The Working Capitol is key to my life and work. I work on my own so TWC is a great place to surround myself with others who are hard at work and inspired. I have met such great people here!”
- Anjali Datwani, Co-founder, UrbanJourney